They can develop an interest in history and culture.
One can hardly collect coins without learning about the people who produced them. Even if a child doesn’t continue with the hobby, they will be exposed to many other interesting subjects and develop an appreciation for their importance!

They will learn neatness.
A coin collector must be neat. They can’t have valuable coins getting lost! The coin collector will organize their collection and reference materials. Once the value of neatness is recognized it is usually applied to other aspects of life.

The ability to set and reach goals is stressed.
Coin collectors are always making short and long term plans. Few collectors are content to have a casual assortment of coins. There is a good reason why every coin is added to the collection. Coin collectors wish to build sets and acquire certain important coins. Completing a set of coins, even a small one, is seen as an important accomplishment. The collector gains much satisfaction from attaining goals.

It builds self-esteem.
Perhaps the greatest benefit coin collection offers a young person is the opportunity to legitimately participate in the adult world. There are no age restrictions and there are a number of teenagers who quickly became knowledgeable numismatists. Knowing about coins is knowledge that is appreciated by adults and the child can find themselves in a position to teach and inform adults about the hobby. Often a little success can grow into lots of ambition.

They will have to establish priorities.
Determining priorities is often difficult for children. There is so much going on and often their time and activities are planned for them. When it is their turn to decide what to do with time they seldom have creative ideas. Coin collecting can be a very exciting hobby. A child will want to spend time with their new endeavor—reading, learning and looking at the coins in their growing collection. We all must learn how to plan our time. Coin collectors know how to use leisure time wisely.

Obviously, they will better understand the value of money.
A common complaint among adults is that kids don’t understand the value of a buck. The moment they have money they find a way to spend it. The young coin collector must learn how to save for that special coin. They may be prompted to think of ways to earn extra money by getting better grades in school, working around the house, babysitting, or mowing the neighbor’s yard. Children should have fun and money often seems as a necessary part of this. Any young person could make a far worse choice than spending their money on books and coins.

They will gain specialized knowledge.
If you have a computer around the house do you notice how the kids take great pride in knowing how to operate this machine? It’s not the computer that’s important. Rather, they can do something worthwhile that you can’t do! Coin collecting offers this same rare opportunity. It also prompts children to investigate other ways to be considered an important person in the adult world.
So, you can see that coin collecting for children can provide much more than just knowledge of coins. This hobby can extend into other areas of their lives and give them opportunities to learn in various ways. So how do you get a child interested in coin collecting?

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